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terça-feira, maio 16, 2006

mistery puzzle

Sugestões para a frase?

Wanna solve the puzzle?

4 comentários:

My suggestion is...go fuck yourself...but i am sure it is something else
por Anonymous Hrönn, Às 6:56 da tarde  
Maybe! The answer will be here tomorrow or the day after. :)

Anyone suggests this or any other?
Ohh.. this was going to be my guess!

There is not much to choose from but my guess will be .. go tuck yourself.

Isn't this from Family guy? It's a great show btw.
por Anonymous fríða, Às 2:49 da tarde  
yes, it's from Family Guy!!
yes, it's a great show.. I can't get enough of it :)
The answer will be here tomorrow.. :)

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