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quinta-feira, janeiro 18, 2007

i'd like a virgin

We live in a strange world!
In a world that people get offended with my yesterday's personal message in messenger.
It was:

Umm, feel free to say no to this but... would you mind shaving my coin purse?

It is from, with no surprises, Family Guy.
Stewie says that after Brian walks in on Stewie shaving himself.
I think it is funny.
I think it's a little funny.
Maybe everyone that remembers that scene, thinks it's funny too.
But, all the rest may disagree.
They may think I'm rude. And that I am really asking people to shave my... coin purse!
For God's sake, why would I ask for that in the first place?

Shouldn't people think I was joking?
Shouldn't we live in a world that not everything is a big problem?
That people would not jump to crazy conclusions?

So, lay back and relax. While you take deep breath, listen to Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode's cover by Richard Cheese, taken directly from I'd Like a Virgin.

2 comentários:

I wanna say... I was offended.
Not because of the shaving part, but because cuz of the coin purse.
That made me look at you in a totally different way...
Ou então... ou então...
hum, fez sim...
por Anonymous Anónimo, Às 10:36 da tarde  
who? me?
shave your coin purse?
ahh ah aha no way mannn?
oohh freaking god

see it here :)

Cultural Reference:

Stewie finishing shaving his "coin purse" and remarking that it bears an odd resemblance to Michael Chiklis.
por Anonymous Anónimo, Às 10:32 da manhã  

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