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quinta-feira, outubro 22, 2009

porque é que há quem diga que não?

"The majority of open-source software is free, easy to install, highly customizable and easily integrated with existing systems. In addition, because many open-source software products benefit from vast communities of developers, open source can... offer operational and support benefits when compared with expensive, proprietary software."


4 comentários:

Because expensive, proprietary software comes as standard; because not everyone is computer learnt enough to rearrange the open-source as it needs and, maybe?, demands; because not everyone wishes to take the time in searching for that. Because sometimes some companies will only allow you to work with a certain, very specific software...
por Blogger LSDee, Às 1:58 da manhã  
you saying that people are lazy? yes, most of the cases is that. but there are those when they are aware of all these things and still blindly believe that what's free can't be good, and it's what you pay your eyes off that is really great. I can't understand this lack of sight..
In such cases, I must agree with you... I suppose it's a self-defense mechanism created after so many cheap/free things advertised to be the best proved to be worthless pieces of crap...
por Blogger LSDee, Às 1:53 da manhã  
Definitely those did not help. I also wonder if the monetary system we live in isn't partly to blame, since we are raised believing that everything costs money and that no ones gives anything for free... People just can't believe in the good will of others.. is the "too good to be truth" kind of thing!

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